If you’ve been searching for a pediatrician that understands how to work with children who have special needs, come join the SPGPCC family. We have the training and empathy to deliver high-quality telemedicine services to children with physical, developmental, and medical differences. Working with our experienced team of healthcare providers helps empower your child and ease their fears about going to the doctor. 

We recognize that complex medical conditions and acute illnesses heighten the challenges your child faces every day. To fix that, we go the extra mile to ensure your child is comfortable and well cared for during and after their appointments. Unlike a traditional doctor’s office, medical care in an at-home setting helps you prepare your child for diagnostic exams and different forms of treatment. 

No matter their diagnosis, we work tirelessly to help children in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. We listen to not only what our parents have to say, but what our patients have to say, even if they prefer to express themselves with their bodies instead of their words. No two children with disabilities are alike, so we work with you to create a customized treatment plan that helps your child feel their best. 

Traditional doctor’s offices have sights, sounds, smells, high patient volumes, and textures that just don’t serve sensitive and medically vulnerable children. SPGPCC was designed to help children with special needs meet all their wellness goals and milestones without experiencing anxiety and pain. We believe that no child should ever feel afraid, uncomfortable, or lesser than during a medical appointment. As a patient of SPGPCC, your child's care team will be one of their greatest allies. 

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